Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Dinner Party

A few weeks ago in a fit of artisan-beer fueled friendliness, I planned to invite five friends to the apartment for a dinner party. It's rather amazing that I can fit a table for six in here, but the size of the kitchen was the main reason I picked this apartment, so I should try to use it more often.

Still, six people are a lot to have in this little place, and the morning after I sent out my facebook messages inviting The Five, I started to have some serious misgivings. First of all, I'm not a clean person. Making my house guest-ready takes some serious over-hauling. Second, the place is small and its winter, which means I can't leave the back door open. For some reason, leaving the back door open makes me feel like my place is bigger (and not underground). Third, these friends are more domestic than I am (especially the males). I was worried they would judge me for not having a spice rack.

But I followed through on my promise and had folks over last night. Luckily my guests supplied most of the food, because I was so consumed with cleaning that I hardly had time to prepare anything. The meal's anchor was supposed to be my Mexican pasta salad. That has always been one of my favorite dishes, but every time I made it in the past I would buy more chili powder, which resulted in an over-abundance in my pantry. Some things you just feel like you can't get rid of.

Apparently I had acted on that feeling sometime in the past, because the chili powder is gone. All of the tins of it are gone. I couldn't believe it: After being chased around by chili powder the last five years, I suddenly didn't have any? So the dish was a little bland.

The rest of the menu included delicious veg chili (which is the spiciest thing I have had in ages), banana-cream pie, and lots of wine. We all fit at the table, I had just enough utensils, and we put the Bruins game on the radio after dinner. If my guests judged my terrible decor, they kept their mouths shut. And now my house is clean!

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