Sunday, August 31, 2008

Executive Experience

So Sarah Palin is going to be McCain's running mate. Whoopideedoo.

It has always bugged me that governors are put on a pedestal when it comes to running for President. Yes, they have "executive experience". But as far as I can tell, Senators get a fair amount of experience in government as well.

Today I heard John McCain highlight all of Palin's "executive experience" and he included her time on the PTA. Give me a break. By that standard, I am already building my Vice-Presidential résumé. When I am Chelsea Clinton's running mate in 2028 she can tout that I was Governor of Connecticut & Rhode Island, Archbishop of Boston, shift manager at an Arby's franchise and President of Boston Opera Collaborative.

The video below has Tom thinking that he has a shot in 2028 as well.

Listen closely for a Whalers reference.


  1. PTA? sounds like something the onion would write.

  2. In terms of whether it qualifies you to be president, PTA experience is hardly much different from being a "community organizer," which the Obama campaign touts relentlessly as his cred.

    Thing is, it's precisely her LACK of experience that I like about her; her being outside of Washington and all. I don't believe that anyone is really "qualified" per se, to be president, and to me, the less "experience" someone has had, the more likely I am to vote for him/her. It's what I like about Obama as well. I guess I'm not cut out for politics, because I just can't understand why one side is obligated to automatically hate the other side so much.