Friday, November 21, 2008

on a lighter note...

after two weepily emo posts in a row, let's switch gears a bit.

I am trying to decide when to leave town for CT. When do you think traffic will be least bad getting out of the city?

a. Tuesday evening at 7pm
b. Wednesday morning at 8am
c. Wednesday morning at 10am

In other news, BOC is planning another event with the Italian Consulate, and the Consul and I have been corresponding about the details. I try to do most of our correspondence in Italian (because I think he gets tired of English all the time, and for my own benefit) only switching into English when I am concerned I won't be clear or won't understand something.

Writing in Italian is something I become less neurotic about with time (and with frequency - sometimes I'm too rushed to check my conjugations 8 times). I just hastily hit send on an email that probably contained a dozen mistakes.

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