Saturday, July 26, 2008

BOC's Magic Flute

The jet lag is subsiding, I am saying “Ciao” less frequently, and I am starting to remember where things are kept in my apartment. In short, I’m adjusting. I am also discovering that it’s a good thing that I decided to keep blogging after the trip, because apparently I have a wide readership among people who hate their jobs. Temps: This blog’s for you!

Last night I saw BOC’s Magic Flute. Although I wouldn’t trade my Italian adventure for anything, it was really hard for me to be away from BOC while they were putting up this production (not because they can’t go on without their President, but because I really do love these people and I love what we do together). I am so proud of the leadership team and the staff who put this production together, and I don’t mind admitting that I got pretty emotional during the production. We had two new directors working with us: Josiah George, whose staging managed to be both innovative and beautiful (which can be a tall order!) and Michael Sakir, who pulled together an amazing orchestra and led both them and the cast with great skill.

Those of you who are local should think about going out to Boston Latin School for either (or both!) of the last two performances: Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 3:00. As an added bonus, you will get to hear me make a curtain speech, which is one of my greatest pleasures of being President.

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