Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Buying scores, moving forward

My next operatic adventure (excluding getting my aria package together) begins in about a month, when we go into rehearsals for Gianni Schicchi. I figured yesterday was as good a time as any to buy the score, so I went up to the local classical music store to pick it up.

One of my many slightly irksome hangups is my support of small businesses, which is why I try to shop locally rather than buy online whenever I can. I’m not always great about it, especially in the winter when I am very busy, but I had no excuse yesterday. I have always loved having places where I can browse music in my hands, not online, and I would be really heartbroken to lose one of the few places you can still do that (excluding libraries, of course!) Even though it usually costs a little bit more, I figure I am lucky to be in a position where I can spare a few extra bucks to support a small music store.

Well, it was MORE THAN A FEW EXTRA BUCKS!! It would have been more than $10 cheaper to buy the score online. Much like I finally had to sacrifice my scruples when the price of socially conscious eggs went through the roof, the day may come soon when I give up on buying scores locally.

After earning a few more bonus points on my Capital One card than I intended to at the music store, I had a voice lesson. In retrospect I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to transfer the progress I had made in Italy into my “real life”. But I explained to my teacher what I had worked on, and she was able to pick up where I had left off in Italy and move forward with my new skills right away. We also chatted plenty, talking about auditions and programs and long-term plans. It was great.

Speaking of getting back to the real world, I also got caught up with the leadership team of BOC later in the evening. Lots of good stuff in the works – stay tuned!

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