Saturday, July 19, 2008

Greetings from Roma!

We are settled into a very small hotel room in Rome after a long bus ride down the mountain this morning.

Yesterday we all went to San Marino. That bus ride was probably the worst I have had on the trip, and I was pretty motion sick by the time we got off the bus at the top of the mountain. We had a wonderful tour guide who showed us around and then took us to the Palazzo. Once there we were greeted by some local MinstersofSomething and all sat in Parliament's chambers. I have to say, that may have been cooler than the field trip we went on to the State House this year. They also had a nice brunch for us at a beautiful restaurant, and we spent the rest of the afternoon window shopping.

One of my lovely roommates is letting me use her laptop right now, and it is quite a relief to be typing on an American keyboard again. I make far fewer mistakes!

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