Monday, July 28, 2008

On the first day of summer vacation I got up

I am not sure why my family has always found that expression so funny. Probably for the same reason that when we see someone standing around we shout “What are you posing for, animal crackers!?!?” and then laugh like crazies. Regardless, today feels like the first day of my summer vacation, and I love the feeling.

In addition to seeing Magic Flute three times this weekend (the opera became more impressive every time I saw it – Bravi tutti!), I went to a wedding on Saturday afternoon at Holy Cross. Right around the time of our first “and also with you” I realized that I hadn’t been at mass in my native language in six weeks. I know the responses in Italian (my favorite is during the preface: When in English we say “It is right to give God thanks and praise” the Italian response is “รจ una cosa buona and giusta” – it’s a good and just thing.), and I can follow the homilies, but I always end up participating as an observer, if that’s possible. One of the dangers of being a student of the liturgy is that sometimes I get all anthropologist during mass.

But this wedding liturgy was really beautiful (they had an opening hymn after the procession – NICE), and the organist out at HoCro is one of the best organists around, so the music was really good. At the reception I maintained my reputation as a crazy dancer. Someone came up to me to ask me something, and introduced themselves by saying “You’re a dancing fool…I like that”.

Yesterday I sang three masses at my Southie churches, which was my first time singing in English or in my middle voice in about six weeks. My hours and hours of practicing, working on legato and forward resonance and pure vowels and floating high Cs, didn’t get me very far at 9:10 in the morning when I was amplified trying not to crack while chanting the psalms. I know people say all vocal production is the same but…they’re wrong.

My weekend was pretty busy, and I am enjoying the fact that Monday morning is my time to relax. I will read yesterday’s paper, go to the Southie farmers’ market (not as gross as it sounds - it's not like the food is grown here), write some thank-you notes, go running, maybe even go down to the beach for a little while. I also need to clean my apartment, which I managed to keep tidy during the unpacking process but which has since been totally trashed. Here’s hoping my vacuum doesn’t blow up.

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