Monday, June 16, 2008

Days in Italy: 3 ...Streetsweeper sightings: 1

As I was dozing this morning, waiting for the shower to free up and enjoying a few more minutes of bed, I dreamed of the weather in Boston. I heard the rain splatting outside my window, and saw in my mind's eye that gray sky that always makes a person want to sleep in.

In truth, the great tragedy was not this moment of dreamy nostalgia, but rather that I was not dreaming at all, and it was raining and overcast in Novafeltria. I left Boston for this? I must have been quite a sight, sticking my head out of the window, looking over the orange tiled roof with a mixture of confusion and annoyance.

But speaking of Boston, when I finally found out the result of the game last night (more difficult than you might think in a group of opera singers), I was not pleased.

This morning I went to market and stocked our fridge. I also bought a corkscrew, which is becoming a travel ritual (this time I thought to bring one, and then forgot it anyway). Someday I will have a beautiful collection of wine keys, charming and functional mementos of my adventures.

I haven't seen our landlady since our first night here. She and her husband drove us up the hill to their house with all of our bags. Neither of them speak any English, and I really don't know what they would have done if I didn't know some Italian. I believe, if I understood correctly, that they have two sons. One of their blond boys was out mowing the lawn today, which of course reminded me of home.

This morning was our Italian placement test. I took the most difficult test and it was, in fact, difficult. In my dorkish way I was eager to take it, because as you all know I love taking tests! I took it with a PTG pen, which always brings me luck. It has been a long time since I dealt with much written Italian, and I think my test will reflect that!

I worked on one of my Mozart scenes this afternoon, and will go to Boheme rehearsal tonight. It'll be a busy day, which is just how I like them!

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